About The Idiot's Guide to the PID Algorithm

This guide to the PID algorithm and the mathematical concepts that underpin it - is written so that anyone can get an intuitive understanding of how the algorithm works and why.

This crash course uses the analogy of a car on a freeway changing lanes to represent the process under control and walks you through easy to visualize "thought experiments" to cement the concepts in your mind.

If Integrals, Differentials and the inner working of the PID algorithm are a mystery to you - this "Idiot's Guide" will give you the A-HA! moment as everything finally makes sense

Format Of The Idiot's Guide

The Idiot's Guide to the PID Algorithm is available as an immediate download in PDF format.

It is published as an un-locked PDF file so you are free to have a copy on multiple PCs. You are also able to print the whole book if you prefer.

About the Author

My name is Finn Peacock and when I'm not mountain biking I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer who has worked in the Nuclear, FMCG, Automotive, Chemical, Packaging, Food and power generation industries for over a decade.

I'm passionate about teaching good engineering practice in plain English to improve processes around the world, improving their efficency, reducing waste, and ultimately keeping industries profitable in the face of increasing costs from all sides.

I live in Australia, but have worked extensively in Europe and the USA. If you are interested in engaging me for face-to-face training, process improvement consulting, or control system tender evaluation, please use the form here