"Easy to use and to follow. Probably is the best down-to-earth material for PID that I have ever seen.

Really,.. it is Idiot Proof."

Francisco Lopez
Advanced Integrated Solutions Inc

"As I am rather new to this field of process control, I was very pleased to have the PID Loop explained in a VERY understandable way (if you know why, the how comes easy)

Now even I can explain it to others. Excellent Job!!!"

This has got to be the BEST tuning guide around. I am still yet to see a simpler way to calibrate and tune a loop. "

James Greer
Experitec Inc
Kansas, USA

"I was impressed with how the Idiot's Guide explained all of the math behind the proportional, integral and derivative terms in layman's terms, so that operators, engineers, electricians, and mechanics cold get a better understanding of PID control.

The Operators and Stationary Engineers in my plant were very grateful that I allowed them to read the Idiot's Guide, because now they could understand the processes better.

I also liked the way that it built up each of the three components, starting with proportional, then adding integral, then finally adding derivative.

This practical explanation helped me understand PID control better in two hours than I had learned in three-month theoretical courses that I had taken in the past."

Francisco Lopez
Advanced Integrated Solutions Inc

"We had a new control system installed with 3 valves with new pid loops.

We got all 3 done with your blueprint and they are all stable over the entire operating range."

Michael Fees,
California, USA

"I have to say the literature that you are providing is fantastic and simplifies the whole meaning of how to control.

The book gives a very structured method to tuning loops whereas other literature maintains a complexity.

Seriously, I believe the direction you are heading and the information/instruction you have already given is second to none..."

Terry King
Gay Lea Foods
Ontario, Canada

"It helped me understand the concept of PID, and what the effect of each parameter is on the output result.

The best thing about this manual that it is short and to the point."

Seriously, I believe the direction you are heading and the information/instruction you have already given is second to none..."


"Simple, easy to understand explanations

The "Idiot's Guide to the PID Algorithm" helped me and it helps me to explain loop tuning techniques and constraints to clients. "

John Maunder
Instrumentation Control Solutions Ltd
Kent, England

" I liked that it was to-the-point and left out all the theory crap…

John Campbell
Fiberplex Inc
Maryland, USA

"There is no doubt that it helps obtain an intuitive feel for the user."

Anthony Keefe
Michigan, USA

"I liked the format. It was written in and felt it like the author was talking to me. So I did not feel like I was just reading some other book."

Randy Ruano
California, USA

" I like the fact it is plain English with humor interjected "

David Molley
Industrial Innovations Inc
Los Angeles, USA